The growing popularity of a gluten-free diet and a young entrepreneur’s passion for food combined to create Sauce Creations, Britney Foerter’s Summer Company. Britney, a Queen’s University student, produced and sold her own line of gluten-free sauces, jams and compotes at farmers’ markets in the Markham area.

The food business is notorious for being tough on newcomers, but Britney’s enthusiasm and excitement ensured that Sauce Creations met the challenges of insurance, food handling regulations and slow days at the markets head on. Her Summer Company mentor gave her the organizational and record keeping skills she needed for starting a business.

Success at the local markets opened new marketing channels over the summer. Repeat clients placed special orders, and local cafés and specialty food stores began to purchase Sauce Creations’ products for resale. She also had inquiries from corporate clients to produce custom orders.

Britney says that her experience taught her the value of thorough research for things like market potential, regulations, and insurance requirements.