The Journey : Early days to How I got here
I started my career with a small company as a COM Component developer. Eventually I shifted to Datawarehousing as an ETL developer and worked on various tools like Informatica, Business Object Data Integrator (BODI). As a result of my interest towards Datawaringhousing I got a good exposure in Oracle, PL/SQL and SQL performance tuning. As a result of my Retail domain experience I got an opportunity to work on another ETL tool: Datastage 7.5 and DB2 database.Presently I am working as a technical architect where I am involved in finance mart enhancements and designing web analytics DW.
Decisions that mattered
Some of the important career decisions were shifting technology from Microsoft COM development to BI and Datawarehousing and choosing retail industry for Datawarehousing development.
Work and Role: Then and now
My present job requires thought and technical leadership with fair business process understanding, my previous job comparatively had more hands-on on the ETL jobs design and PL/SQL programming.
Two Years Down the Line
I see myself taking exciting challenges around enterprise information architecture.
What I learnt along the way
Being in a knowledge based industry our primary focus should be on gaining loads of knowledge. Set a short and long term goal in terms of work, progressively add each day to achieve that goal and always try to find the better way to do your work.
My advice if you are starting out
In-memory data structure like QlikView, Tableau is bringing new trend of mobile BI and Realtime BI. A new era will begin in BI pyramid with the entrance of Cloud BI. BigData analytics is the next step of analytics. Hadoop, HBase and Hive are the emerging technologies in analytics. Company like Cloud era, and Karmasphere is already helping in Big data development. Though these are not replacements of Enterprise DW, it has given new edge to analytics.
Must have skills in BI.. As I see them

Firstly we need to ask ourselves: Do I have enough interest and passion for this domain?Once you decide on the technology then always start with the fundamentals. Because it doesn’t matter how far the technology goes, basics never change.Challenge yourself with something which is a little difficult to achieve and also dare to do mistakes. Learn from those mistakes and keep your learning curve steep with the right attitude. Always Remember, excellence is not a skill it is an attitude.Big Data analytics is an emerging technology in analytics. I recommend readers to focus on Hadoop, Hive and open source in distributed file processing and to keep track of everyday inventions and improvements in Bigdata analytics.