This is a motivational video for success in hindi is revolving around panchtantra stories and success mantra of the classic story. In this motivational videos , I have revisited , successs mantra of Panchtantra with a fresh and modern outlook . Its a very interesting take on Panchtantra and its success mantra , though these mantra of success is little long . Please listen and share , success mantras , if you like it . Success is a State of Mind is a self help , motivational book , written by me and take on Panchtantra is a part of that book . Motivational videos uplift the mood . try these mantra of success -
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There are many people -who have asked me this question that
Am I a motivational speaker ?
answer is no , I am not a motivational spekaer . There are many good motivational speakers in india . I have gone through the seminars of motivational speakers in india and strongly suggest that you attend such motivational seminars . I have attened many motivational seminars and read many motivational books . I am a fan of Shiv Khera and did attend his 3day workshop -blue print for success . Similarly I am immpressed with Sandeep Maheswari also .I am neither a motivational speaker nor I have any intention to do that . I just want to use the platform of YouTube to speard motivational message , success mantra using this channel -Motivational videos in Hindi . This Book is available online on Flipkart –…